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I do not believe that a woman should only follow what Proverbs 31 says but live by all of Proverbs, as it is an entire book on wisdom.  You need to know the foundation of Solomon’s famous passage in order to truly understand the purpose for the last chapter.

In Proverbs 1:7, Solomon says, “The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge;fools despise wisdom and instruction.”  To me, Solomon was pointing out the importance of knowing your Boss!  At any job, you find time to get to know your boss, his ticks, likes and dislikes, so that you can do a more effective job for him.  How is that any different from what we are to do for the Lord?  To fear the Lord is to say, I hold great respect, admiration, and authority in what you say and do; am unwilling to do anything less than my best.  You are making the distinction between just knowing of Him and knowing Him personally.  I want my Father to know that I know Him personally, that I love wisdom and instruction from Him even if it is done in a manner of correction.

Years ago, when I thought my life was pretty great, I was brought me to my knees.  I thought I was a rock star of a wife and friend to my husband.  My heart was crushed when the truth was revealed.  I discovered I was only thinking about what I could get out of the relationship, how I would feel about things, and why they would be important to me.  Is it just me or do you hear a lot of selfishness in there?  Well, God opened my eyes wide to the need for change, not for me to change my husband but for me to change me.  I told the Lord, okay if I am not as great as I think I am, then teach me.  And guess what, He did, with correction.  I felt like I was being slapped on the hand or spanked with a belt but it was exactly what I needed.  I read the book “The Power of a Praying Wife” and did the “Love Dare” trying to learn how to correct my way of thinking.

I have seen an amazing amount of improvement, not nearly perfect but because the Lord gave me instruction and wisdom, in love, I can honestly say I am better at being the wife and friend my husband deserves.

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