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“Say to wisdom, ‘You are my sister,’ and call insight your intimate friend.”  Proverbs 7:4

To me wisdom is having knowledge and discerning between God’s way and the world’s way.  Wisdom is taking the knowledge you have acquired and choosing to do His good with it.  There are things that we learn because of examples we see on a day-to-day basis, the media we come across, and the people we interact with.  As a Christian you should limit yourself from those outside influences.  No, that does not mean you should keep your family under lock and key but it does mean that a good amount of sheltering never hurt anyone.  Television, for instance, has been a major negative influence in our culture.  The show “Dancing With The Stars” is a show consisting of dancing with beautiful and elegant movements but what turns it from wholesome family entertainment into lustful obsession is the producer’s vision. 

Every network has demographics that they base their production of shows off of.  Demographics show that sex sells so what do they do, they have the dancers dance very provocatively and wear seductive outfits.  BAM…instant ratings, the show is a hit.  Why because of our lack of wisdom.  We have the knowledge that “sex sells” but lack the wisdom that tv show type sex should not be promoted, encouraged, or validated.  By us watching it, we are essentially saying, it’s just a show, no harm can come to that.  Well let me ask you this, if a sitcom with two roommates (a woman and a homosexual man) was just a funny show so we watched it, why then do we get mad that the network let the two homosexuals kiss on national television.  Our one vote, watching that show, tells the networks that things like that are okay for television, whereby changing what wholesome family entertainment is supposed to be. 

Are you being wise in your choices or just knowledgeable?

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