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“Whoever keeps his mouth and his tongue keeps himself out of trouble.”  Proverbs 21:23

We are able to destroy people just by opening our mouths.  The words we choose to say can cause hurt, anger, regret, terror, agony and doubt.  When we allow our tongues to be unleashed on others it can ruin friendships, lower someone’s self-esteem, break hearts and demolish dreams.  Our mouth holds a very powerful weapon that can be used to tear down.  When we hold it or learn to filter what comes out of it, we keep ourselves out of trouble.

Hold your tongue, seek forgiveness and restoration, to prevent regret!

There have been many times that my tongue has caused trouble.  In years past, I have said hateful things to my family, boasted about my greatness and even belittled someone else’s accomplishments.  Rebukes have come in waves of love by family, friends, my pastor and even my husband.  It has taught me to use my tongue as a tool of encouragement.

I am now encouraging others to be greater than they thought possible.  Brag about other people’s abilities and accomplishments.  Love on people with words of affirmation.

Does your mouth harbor a weapon of destruction or house a tool of God-honoring purpose?


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