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“Whoever works his land will have plenty of bread, but he who follows worthless pursuits will have plenty of poverty.”  Proverbs 28:19

Everyone has groups, charities, organizations or activities they are involved in.  We have an embedded desire to be a part of a community…one of God’s many blessings!  But, what is really worth your time?

God has called us to love others by serving.

We are to do something for someone, who may be unable to do.  It may lighten their load but we should do it for the plain and simple reason of “because I (God)” said so.

I have been involved in my fair share of those activities, thinking “well if no one else will do it then I will step up, ’cause I can.”  Wrong!  That is the wrong way to think.  God has equipped every person with their own personal talents and abilities.  If you take a position just because no one is stepping up, you may very well be taking what is rightfully another persons passion.

Whenever we are presented with a possible opportunity we are to get on our knees and talk to our Daddy, ask His advice and seek clarity before agreeing to anything.

I am an all-in kind of girl.  A couple of decades ago, I did just that with Girl Scouts.  Now first off let me say, the curriculum of Girl Scouts is amazingly well-rounded.  Girls get to try their hands at everything.  When I was a girl, my mom and daddy were my Girl Scout leaders.  Daddy taught me how to repair a garden hose, turn the water off in the house if there is a structural leak and even change a tire.  I would not have learned any without the Girl Scout projects.

Disappointingly, they have gotten away from their founder’s Christian beliefs.  I was feeling drained whenever I would lead my troop, train the leaders of the city I live in or lead my service team.  I wanted to see my own girls have the same experiences I did as a kid.  Girl Scouts was no longer the way to go about it.

God was telling me there was a place for me and this was not it.

I needed to de-clutter, so to speak, my volunteer life.  I had to get back to praying about where He wanted me to be.

The first step to doing that was to make Him my first priority.  once I did that, everything else fell into place.

My best friend, Brooke, and I started a club with our girls called Puberty and Purity.  We spent several years teaching them things about their development and the necessities of life.

Get on your knees before you pursue.  He will show you the way.


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