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“Ponder the path of your feet; then all your ways will be sure.”  Proverbs 4:26

We have many directions in which to travel.  Some paths are good, some not so good.  Occasionally even instruction are given to help navigate a path that are useless, serving no purpose except to stall us.  God has a path laid out before us.

He knows the direction in which we should go.

He has equipped us with free-will that allows us to make the wrong choices for our path.  Often we will be faced with a fork in the road.  One of the ways will look hard, dangerous, rocky and muddy, while the other one looks like smooth-barefoot-style type landscape.  We tend to take the easy road thinking it will get us where we need to go, without a whole lot of hassle.

Does God want you to travel down the hard, dangerous, rocky, muddy roads?

He wants to see our desire and workmanship played out by how we travel the road.  His destination is greater than we can even imagine.  Sure on a hot day, that water fountain at the end of the barefoot style type landscape looks inviting but how grand would it be to dive into the sea of possibilities God has waiting for us at the end of the dangerous, rocky road?

When your path is stretched out before you, even if there is no fork in the road, check your feet.  Take a minute to re-evaluate and ponder their direction because if they are pointed towards Him, who made them, then all your ways will be sure.


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