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“Like a madman who throw firebrands, arrows, and death is the man who deceives his neighbor and say, ‘I am only joking!'”  Proverbs 25:18-19

My largest pet peeve is sarcasm.  I think it should be outlawed.  I try to avoid it at all cost.  In my opinion, sarcasm is just your true hurtful feelings coming out with laughter, in front or behind it.  When I was younger, some people in my family would say, “hey there thunder thighs,” when I’d walk past them.  They would say, “just kidding”, when I knew they were not.  In reality they believed my thighs were large but masked it with humor to say how they felt.  They believed they were able to take it back, however when you are sarcastic about a sensitive subject and know it is sensitive to the person then you are just being hateful.  You are hurting a person without being direct about it.

When you use sarcasm you are basically throwing firebrands, arrows, and death at a person’s heart with a pillow covering the directness of your aim.  However, the fire will still consume, the arrows will still pierce, and death will still come.  So why then do we as humans purposely try to hurt each other and do not even have the gull to just say exactly how we feel?  No matter what you say with or without sarcasm, God knows your true heart on the matter and He knows you are not just joking.

He tells us to speak truth in LOVE not sarcasm.  Just like a few posts back, the tongue can be a dangerous weapon or a powerful tool.


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