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Isaiah 17 was part of my daily discipline reading today and it just spoke loudly to me that I had to share.  One day all of this world will be gone, nothing on Earth is forever.  It says, “in that day man will look to his Maker.”  Nothing of this world will be nearly as significant as His presence.

How we live our lives now will dictate what our outcome will be.

A niece of mine had a miscarriage, when she was younger.  She was advised to call me to seek my advice.  (Background note:  I have been through nine miscarriages.)  She cried on the phone, asking all kinds of questions and wondered about the emotional hurt.  I can truly attest to that feeling but like Isaiah says, nothing else will matter.  That pain will be gone.

There will be a day, when He will wipe away the tears.

God will take all our hurting, suffering and anguish away.

There will be a day when we get to see those, even unborn babies, welcome us into His Kingdom.

There will be a day!

When I get to heaven, I will be ready to see something very special.  I am not sure if I posted this before but I had a vision (that still makes me smile when I think of it).  After my daddy died, I saw him kneeling at the feet of God, with his mouth wide open just proclaiming “WOW!”  I cannot wait to see that, see my daddy, see my babies and feel the WOW.

There Will Be A Day!


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