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A rod and a reprimand impart wisdom, but a child left undisciplined disgraces its mother.”  Proverbs 29:15

One of my daughters learned a valuable lesson.

When my oldest daughter, Summer, was about five years old she committed a crime.  We were shopping in a teaching supply store and as we got into our car I noticed she had something in her hand that she did not go into the store with.  I asked her what she had, she opened up her hand to reveal one of those sponge like cylinders you place over a pencil to make your fingers more comfortable while writing.  I asked her where she got it and she informed me they were in a container in the store so she took one.  I explained what stealing was and explained her need for returning said item, while asking for forgiveness.  To this day, Summer has not stolen a thing since and actually remembers how she learned that lesson.

Fast forward several years, I took the young-uns to a local museum with a friend of mine and her young-uns.  We all went into the gift shop to look around and although we kept a pretty close eye on all of our ladies it apparently wasn’t close enough.

While doing laundry this morning I noticed some really shiny rocks that could only have been bought in a store.  At first no one claimed them and so I thought maybe they were my daughter, Faith’s, because she likes to collect odds and ends.  A couple of minutes later my six-year-old, Abi, came out with them in her hand.  I asked her why she had them and she said they were hers.  I asked where she got them and she said she found them.  Where?  To which she replied, “the museum we went to, their shop.”  Well the conversation my husband and I had about 11 years prior, with Summer, came around again.  We explained what stealing was, what God says in the Bible about stealing and forgiveness and then how to ask and receive forgiveness.

This particular museum is nowhere near our house, about 20+ minutes away but we drove down there anyways.  We escorted our six-year-old into the gift shop, asked one of the ladies to come aside to speak with her and she showed great courage even though she is one of our shyest kiddos.  We were so proud to be able to impart this wisdom to her heart, one she probably/hopefully will not forget.


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