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Whoever remains stiff-necked after many rebukes will suddenly be destroyed—without remedy.”  Proverbs 29:1

How do you define this verse?  Recently I have been in many different discussions with other Christians about what we believe with regards to sin.  I grew up believing that the only unforgivable sin was to deny Christ but then also raised with the same thought of “a sin is a sin, is a sin.”  So don’t those two things contradict each other?

My conversations with these people went from one sin to the next.

I have heard many people who say that a person will not get into Heaven if they are knowingly committing a sin and not asking for forgiveness.  Then I have heard people say that once you are saved, you are always saved.  Some have even said that if a Christian is sinning then they were never really saved to begin with.  I have a hard time with people saying matter-of-factly to things they truly do not understand.

One such conversation was about how a certain people groups are going to go to Hell unless they stop that sin and repent of it.  Okay but then what, how do you justify that statement if you are also a sinner?

We are ALL sinners and will always be.

We are NOT Christ, which means we WILL suffer with a sinful nature EVERY day probably every second of the day.  God forgave us of those sins way before they happened because He knew we would continue, knowingly or not.

I do not believe the above verse has to do with those who are not giving up their sin so much as it has to do with those who do not believe in God.  PERIOD.  Although I do believe that everyone should ask for forgiveness for their sin, I do not believe the lack of that will prevent us from getting into Heaven if we are saved.

I was once told that Salvation gets you there and what you do with your Salvation builds His Kingdom and your place in Heaven.  If you do good deeds and try hard to steer clear of sin, you are helping build His great Kingdom but if you live your life living in sin, pretty much as everyone else does, you will still get there if you have accepted His gift of Salvation.  Your sin is no bigger or smaller than mine, in His eyes.

I have not been stiff-necked for many years now and am extremely grateful He will still accept me in Heaven, even though I sin daily.


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