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“Jesus wept.”  John 11:35

If you don’t already know, this verse is the shortest verse in the Bible.  The amazing thing about it is that it has so much more impact in these two words than anything imaginable, in my opinion.

He, (the God of the Universe, Beginning and End, Creator, Perfecter, Great Physician, Almighty, All Knowing, Comforter, Forgiver….greatness all rolled up in One person), wept. 

He felt their pain and hurt with and for them.  Jesus hurt to know that after all he had taught them, they still didn’t get it.

Of all the things that happen in our lives, the hurt we feel, the mistakes we make and the emptiness that can consume us, He walks it with us, cries with us and feels our pain.  I love knowing that Jesus Wept because it means that when I cried over losing my babies, He cried over losing the babies.  My Father laughed with me when I saw my kids experience snow for the first time.  He was even frustrated and irritated when the school system ignored my children’s health problems.

I know that because Jesus Wept.


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