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“He says, ‘Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.’”  Psalm 46:10

I had the most glorious day today.  A lady at my church sent me a graduation card with a gift card in it and instructions to do something for myself with it.  As a minister, wife and mother of five that doesn’t happen very often so I took her up on it.  After getting my love’s go ahead I headed off to Santa Fe for the day.  I utilized my gift card by going out to lunch and dinner for some of my favorite foods.  Spent some quality time in reflection and prayer.  Listened to a book on CD and did some deep Bible studying.

At first I was going to just hang out around my own city but after some thought I realized I would be too tempted to head home for various reasons: helping my husband with the kids, making them food, stuff that needs to be done around the house, grocery shopping, etc.  Really any number to tasks that keep me extremely busy throughout the week would have sucked me back in if I stayed in my city; off to Santa Fe.

The more time I stayed away the more stuff I accomplished and the more relaxed I felt. 

Of course a massage would have done the trick to relax me as well but more expensive and over in an hour so that was out of the question.  On my drive home I noticed the sunset.  Seems like no big deal to most, I am sure but to someone as busy as I am with the day to day I don’t get to see them, ever.

It was breathtaking.  The colors were so vivid that a camera could not even capture its beauty.  Its exquisiteness seemed to stretch on for miles and last longer than usual.  I was mesmerized and it made me think of how spectacular of a creation God has given us, one that cannot be made by another.  I felt so privileged to witness it and realized I probably never would have, had I not taken this day to be still with Him as my purpose.

I have decided that His sunset is worth at least one day a month so I will checking out my schedule and talking with my husband for next months viewing.  I believe I won’t need to go all the way to Santa Fe next time now that I have the full view of its value.

When was the last time you enjoyed His sunset?


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