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“He has not dealt with us as our sins deserve or repaid us according to our offenses.” Psalm 103:10

Yikes!  The Bible says that everyone is a sinner, all have fallen short, which includes me.  As a Christian, or more importantly a Christian trying to live as Christ did, my heart breaks when my sinful nature comes rearing its ugly head and I lack the control it takes to prevent it from happening.

Our culture believes that some sins are weightier than others but God tells us that a sin is a sin, period. 

Although I have never committed murder, probably the only sin I haven’t committed but if truth be told anger in your heart is really murder according to the Bible, never mind I guess I have done it all and it makes me sad to know that my sin was the nail to His cross, the spit on His face, the glass shards scraping His skin, the spear in His side and the thorns dug into His face.  Yikes!

I feel extremely blessed, loved and adored to know that He is not punishing me the way I deserve. 

He displays grace towards me all the time; Daily!  I know one day I will stand before the judgment seat and have to account for all of my happenings, no I cannot redo or take back what I have already done but I would like to think I can make great strides to not repeat offenses.  It makes me think of times when I have had to approach someone and apologize for my behavior, which made me feel totally embarrassed; how much more embarrassed will I feel standing before Him and trying to explain my behavior.

One time I was talking with teenagers at youth group about this very thing.  When the light clicked on for them about how they will be called to the carpet one day the expression in their eyes was worrisome.  I connected with their feeling immediately and reassured them of His continuous love for each of them.  Our discussion gave us courage to strive for perfection and although we will never attain it here on Earth we may have less to explain when we reach His feet with a grateful heart for not getting what we deserve; jail time, payment of restitution towards others, whooping, no forgiveness and probably a one way ticket to you know where.

What do you deserve that you are grateful He doesn’t give you?


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