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“And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.” 2 Corinthians 11:14

A long time ago I was watching some show (not sure which one and if any of you figure it out please don’t judge me if it was a less than a Christian thing to watch because I wasn’t always a Christian) where two characters were talking about being a vegetarian versus being a meat eater.  One person was talking about the idea of killing innocent animals when a person eats meat and the other one said, “well if eating meat is murder then murder tastes good.”

That phrase just popped into my head today when reading this verse.  *Side Note: I do not believe it is a sin to eat animal meat*  It made me think about how often we do things because they don’t seem too bad, they feel good or nobody else seems to mind what we are doing but the reality is that doesn’t make it right or righteous, to put it another way.  I can think of many examples, from my own life, that would fit the bill; eating candy bars as dessert or snacks, driving five miles over the speed limit, feeling the need to take charge of things, purchasing something because I need it even if I can wait a little while longer before spending the money to get it.  I am not saying all these things are bad for everyone but Satan/sin often disguises him/itself as something great; sex before marriage (feels great but not in God’s plan for anyone’s lives), stealing a grape at the supermarket (yes you may have wanted to try it to make sure it was sweet but it is still technically stealing), etc.  Really this list could go on and on.

The point I am trying to make is Satan is the father of lies and deception.  He wants you to indulge yourself because when you fill yourself with the pleasures of the world you leave little, if any, room for filling yourself with the Holy Spirit.  Let’s face it, how will we ever be able to see through Satan’s beautiful mask if we don’t utilize the view the Holy Spirit instills in us?

Trying to be a little more cautious with my day-to-day life, while risk taking for the Lord.  Have you spent any time looking through the Holy Spirit’s view?


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