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“They have ears, but cannot hear, noses, but cannot smell” Psalm 115:6.

This verse cracked me up when I read it.  I have been sick, for about a week, with severe allergies.  I am not sure He meant for this verse to go along with how I was feeling, sickness wise, but it just made me laugh because it is definitely how I was feeling.

I have been doing quite a lot lately, basically working my brain into a frenzy.  It is no secret that I love to learn new things but sometimes I take so much in and just don’t give myself a moment to catch up on rest.  If you are a mom, reading this, you know exactly what I am talking about.  

For instance, a typically bedtime routine for a dad might be….”Ok, I am going to bed.”  He heads to his room, maybe double checking locks on the doors, but basically gets to the room, gets undressed, and gets into bed.  Simple.  A mom on the way to bed: puts another load of laundry into the wash, folds a load, reloads the dishwasher and starts it, turns off all the lights, puts the laundry that was folded away, picks up any toys or kid belongings hanging around so as to not trip on them the next morning, gets into pajamas, and then finally gets into bed.  And that is an average mom, some moms have to pack lunches, prep dinner for next night, and do some household cleaning because we all know the only time to really get anything done is when our kids are in bed.

Okay enough ranting and back on track.

I have been doing research for a school assignment, planning for a Christmas play, planning for a mission trip, planning for youth group future events, writing some sermons, and speeches for future events.  This is how I thrive.

Then it happened….germs!

Not really sure where it came from because lets face it, they are everywhere and we are in the middle of cold and flu season.  There is nowhere to run and hide, especially when you have kids…the ultimate magnet of germs.

index1At first we only saw runny noses and a few sneezes from the littles; they suffer from allergies, too.  Then it hit my husband and he was out of commission for two days.  Once his hit I knew it was only a matter of time before I was done in.


Wham!  Down I went.  No voice.  Buried in snot rags. Eyes bloodshot red and swollen from watering. Face feeling like it had been beaten up.

My house looks like several tornadoes came through.  Our home cooked meals have been frozen dinners and leftovers.  Nothing got done for nearly a week.  Our pantries looked like Old Mother Hubbard’s house.  Our laundry baskets were no longer visible because the dirty clothes swallowed them up.

I needed rest whether I knew it or not.

Getting sick gave me the perfect opportunity to have a break.  My brain shut down and I couldn’t think straight.  My voice was out so I didn’t have a chance to waste time with idol chit-chat.  So, although I have been well rested, not working for several days means I have a lot to catch up on….including blog posts since I have clearly neglected that for over a week.

For anyone feeling a little itchy around the throat, blowing your nose more than once a day, or brain feeling a little left behind….take the hint….give yourself a break before you end up having no other choice.


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