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“The wise are mightier than the strong, and those with knowledge grow stronger and stronger.  So don’t go to war without wise guidance; victory depends on having many advisers” Proverbs 24:5-6.

Is school really worth it?  What is the point of an education, when teenagers get jobs faster than a person with a graduate degree?  Why even bother learning all the stuff when it just leaves your brain after taking a test?

December of 2010 was when I became a student at Grand Canyon University.  I received my Bachelor’s in Christian Studies in 2013 and received my Master’s in Professional Counseling in 2017.  I have been asked by many people why even bother.  I am married, have five kids, and enough to do around the house, not to mention the big student loan I accumulated.  My answer….

I once was S-T-U-P-I-D.

Or so I was made to believe.

When I was younger, school was incredibly tough for me.  The older I got, the harder it became.  I struggled in Jr High and failed in High School.  I could not understand why I was such a slow reader, why I did not understand things that came easily to everyone else, or why everything I was being taught looked mixed up to me.  Dropped out of school when I was 17.  Done being made fun of, taking Summer School classes, and still feeling stupid.

Fast forward a couple of years when I got my GED, I wanted to go back so bad but did not know the point.  I tried college for a couple of years but barely made it by.  They discovered I was dyslexic and didn’t really know how to help me so I stopped.  More years passed without an education and I thought I was fine without it until I saw my own daughters struggling.  They were having similar issues with their education that I did as a child.

I didn’t want them to give up or feel stupid like I did.

The more I learned about how to help them the more I learned how to help myself.  I learned how to read faster, comprehend all the information I was learning, and how to use study habits.  They still were not sure there was a good enough reason for an education, when I had been doing just fine without it so I enrolled in the university.  In 2013 I got to walk across a graduating stage for the very first time and it felt great.  My girls were able to see that mom not just completed something she started but got a 3.96 GPA and was willing to continue on to the Master’s Program.

So why did I go back to school, accumulating an ever growing student loan?  My girls, they were and are worth every penny that I will have to pay back.

They can see that education is important to mom, it may not be easy but worth it.  I went back in my thirties when I could have just said “that time in my life is over.”  Wife to a husband and mother to five kids was already a lot.  An education means having the ability to financially support our family if ever the need arises.  I have knowledge that I didn’t before.  This same knowledge that I have learned helped save a person’s marriage, gave insight into a lady suffering from anxiety and depression, and helped me recognize behaviors in children.  None of this would have been possible if I hadn’t listened to the Lord calling me back to school.  He taught me so much through His word, teachers, books, experience, and personal advisers.

Education is NEVER a waste. 

I am still learning new things everyday.  As long as I have the ability I will enroll in any class that will strengthen me to be a better person.  Knowledge, through Christ, is extremely powerful.  Knowledge gave me victory over the naysayers.  There will be a day when evil rules our world, so much so, that only the knowledge you learn will help.

Book knowledge = fighting battles and Biblical Knowledge = winning the war….fill your head and heart with KNOWLEDGE!


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