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“Commit your work to the Lord, and your plans will be established.”  Proverbs 16:3

When I started my business last July, I prayed for the Lord’s help.  I explained to him what my desire was and told Him I would point to Him for every accomplishment that happens for the business.  I also said I would continue to praise Him if it wasn’t going well because I want to be obedient in everything I do.  I am pleased and blessed to say that He has given me some amazing results.  I may not be a millionaire but my bills are paid and I have freedom to do more of what He has called me to do.

Honoring Him, with the choices of the business, has caused great things to happen.  I currently work about 20 hours a week, instead of 40.  Most of those hours are from my house, not in the office.  I am supporting people’s mental health, not just our clients’ but our contracted therapists as well.  Our contracted therapists percentage that comes back into the business has changed to the “green” allowing us to pay all the bills and GRT out of that excess, instead of our own pockets.  I am quickly becoming debt-free which was one of my expectations for this year.  I am able to spend several hours a week mentoring ladies from my church and taking time to be more in God’s presence.

He knows my hearts desire for what I plan on doing with my degree so I leave it up to Him to decide what is best for me.  Because without Him, plans cannot really be established.


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