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“Haven’t you read the Scriptures?” Jesus replied. “They record that from the beginning ‘God made them male and female.” ~Matthew 19:4

Boys and girls.  Ladies and gentlemen.  Men and women.  Female and male.  No matter how you phrase it, they are different.  Differences can be seen, mainly, physically.  Each birth gender has specific body parts that work in tandem with the opposite gender.  We were designed that way.

Usually males have higher metabolisms, lower body mass index, higher levels of testosterone, greater muscle mass for strength and endurance, and lower levels of empathy.  Usually females are the opposite.  There are some exceptions to the rule but that is the typical standard of how each gender was formulated.

These physical differences actually enhance the physical differences of one another.  We fit together, like a puzzle.  Where a female lacks (physical strength), the male can fill in.  Where a male lacks (emotional connectiveness), the female can fill in.  Again, let me be clear, because I am sure I am going to get some negative nellies out there who want to dispute, I am not stating ALL because there are exceptions.

God did create counter parts for a purpose.

Internal reproductive systems only work when it is in connection with the opposite reproductive system.  Anatomically correct and technical, a sperm is one part of the reproductive system that is only produced through males.  There is no way that males can create life on their own.  An egg is one part of the reproductive system that is only produced through females.  Females cannot create life on their own, it will not happen.  The sperm and the egg have to go together.

Reproduction was discussed in the very first book of the Bible, when God spoke about two becoming one flesh.  Male and female, as one.  The differences between the two make us great together.  He even states further for “no one to separate.”  This shouldn’t be a topic to challenge and yet so many people do.

We are perfectly planned out, from head to toe.

Although there are physical differences that need each other, in order to operate correctly, there are differences that enhance our counterparts.  A simple example of this is a husband protects his wife and a wife cares for the needs of her husband.  It blesses me to watch my husband fix something I couldn’t or makes sure I am not hurt doing something he could do for me.  Having his favorite meal is hot and ready, when he walks in the door, helps our house feel like a sanctuary for him.

Men and women were built to fill in the gaps of the other.  Even in relationships, your spouse is able to pick up where you left off or lack.  In our household, my husband is the “big guns” that need to come out when/if our kids have crossed any line.  I am the person who organizes our day to day routines.  He does the yard work and I keep the household running and clean.  I shop and cook the food while he maintains our budget and pays our bills.  Could either of us do either of those roles?  Probably.  The point is that each have a significant identify and operate in that natural bend.

Natural is how God made you.  When a person goes away from the natural, they are changing God’s perfect creation.  Taking a spring out of a watch will not let it tell time, unable to do as it was designed.  We work best when we operate in our original format.

Male and Female, He created them.

There are too many changes being made to His creation…and people are suffering because of it.  For example, men wanting to be women and women wanting to be men, by changing their genitalia, dress, names, and being in same sex relationships.  Sexual orientation is not a choice, it is a creation by the Creator.  If you were born male, then you are male.  If you were born female, then you are female.  Outside of that order is disorder and disorder breeds chaos.

You were blessed and highly favored the way He created you.  Nurture vs. nature is just an expression that someone came up with to justify going against God’s order.  Does that mean that men cannot be born with feminine traits? No.  Neither can that be said for females with masculine traits.  Society nurtures out of God’s order because they don’t know how to explain it.

Each person has Testosterone, Androgen, Estrogen, and Progesterone as their main hormones.  There are others but these are the more commonly known.  The first two make up the masculine traits and the last two the female traits.  Depending on the numbers within a person’s body, it could mean a male’s voice changing at a later age or maybe not even getting very deep.  The hormone levels could cause females to grow facial hair or have a bulkier physique.  It doesn’t change who they are, though, and we should be nurturing who they are not who they might be because they have a bulkier physique.

Embrace and nurture who you were designed to be.

If parents spent more time using their words to build up who their child was created to be instead of trying to encourage them to discover their sexuality, we would probably not have such an oversexualized generation.

In my line of profession, I have yet to meet a person who was not “nurtured” into believing they needed to change their sexual orientation, had been desensitized to sexuality, or were abused in some way that were identifying as something they were not created to be.

There are kids that are watching shows and movies with sexual content and experimenting with what they see.  When our bodies feel the sensation of arousal, even when our brains we know that it is wrong or we feel like we are being violated, we can still receive pleasure from it.  It is the same reason why depressed teenagers will continue to cut themselves even though they know it is wrong or physically hurts because there is an endorphin high that happens afterwards.  Even rape victims can feel pleasure, which can cause them to feel hatred towards themselves or can cause them to become promiscuous.  I was one said person, as a teenager.

But we do not need to experiment or try to be anyone other than God made us.

You are perfect the way you were created to be.

Instead of trying to change it, own it.

How do you embrace who God made you to be? How do you speak life into your children and encourage them to be who God made them to be?


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