Who I am.

As a wife and mother of five children, I am always on the go. I spend my time as a freelance writer, pastor, and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. Looking back, it is clear that I have always been a writer of some sort or another, I can even recall keeping diaries as a child and even writing poems as an adult but the realization of it was obscured from my view until I began homeschooling my children years ago. My writing is a way for me to express the emotions and reactions I have about how God views relationships and how women were designed as co-heirs, just like their counter parts. As a writer it is my desire to use my writing style to glorify Him through truth in love and with a little bit of humorous anecdotes on the side.

Born and raised in a metropolitan city, I am a country girl at heart; bestowed upon me by my daddy’s upbringing as the youngest of nine, living on a working farm. There is something to be said for hearing stillness. Although I live in a decent sized city, my home is still ran in a simple manner with daily routines, pets to tend to, and gardens to sow. As a child, I was saved and baptized but spent a great many adolescent, teen, and young adult years away from His call; dodging Him at every fork in the road and boy did I take “societies version” of the good path way too many times. On the day of my wedding, June 27, 2003, I recommitted my life to His service giving me the opportunity to once again hear the stillness. I thoroughly enjoy researching His Word for truth in daily living and helping others learn what it means to serve and glorify Him. I pray that my writing inspires you, my readers, to immerse yourself in Him so that you may learn and use your full potential.

Why I Blog and Write.

I am a “saved by the blood of the Lamb,” Christian. I have been a Christian for many years but have been convicted, by God, regarding my Proverbs 31 status. I am a wife of an incredibly sexy husband and a mother to four of the most beautiful girls you will ever see, a handsome son, a mother-in-law to a fantastic young man, and a MeMaw to the most precious girl in the world. I am not at all exaggerating! Well, maybe just a smidge. I have been married for nearly 20 years but was previously married, which is where my two eldest daughters came from. It was my behavior in my previous marriage that made me want to seek God’s guidance with my marriage now. I do not have all the answers and am by no means an amazing wife or mother but one of my goals is to work towards becoming that for them. I want my husband to continue to love, respect, and honor me, my girls to know how to be a Proverbs 31 woman by the example I show them daily, and for my son to learn how to lead a Godly life. I have been called by God to display His love through my writing and preaching which I take that very seriously, since I will be representing Him to a very unsure-of-themselves population. I have my work cut out for me. I love the Lord and yearn to grow deeper in my relationship with Him and to help others do the same. I’ve been writing and speaking for over 14 years and have been contributing to articles, podcasts, seminars, and blogs because I want other women to live their life to the fullest potential in Christ.

Why I Speak.

I am an ordained minister and Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor. I have been in ministry for the last 17 years as a Youth Pastor, a Care Pastor, a Women’s Ministry Pastor, and the lead pastor of our church. I have a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Christian Studies from Grand Canyon University, a Master’s of Arts degree in Professional Counseling from Grand Canyon University, and a certificate of completion of Seminary. I chose my degrees knowing they would serve God as I do the ministry He, not man, has called me to do. I believe God called all of us to go out into the world and make disciples, to share His good news, love well, and to train others up in Christ.
I am a daughter of the Most High King-Jesus, a co-heir to the throne of God, and I fully intend to live by the Holy Spirit’s directing in my life, as I will be the only one held accountable for my actions when I get to heaven. As a life-long learner, I read and study His Word daily, pray consistently and sometimes in odd places, active lover of worship, I pray in the Spirit, mentor other women in their relationship with Jesus, and share the Biblical knowledge I have with anyone willing to listen.