Megan Danes was born from great love. But, when her innocence is stolen, she becomes a hardened deceiver of God and family. Faced with betrayal, lust, greed, and bitterness, her attitude seems justifiable. But is it?

The past isn’t easy to fight. And lies surround Megan, convincing her she is nothing. The fight to discover her value seems to big. And it is – on her own. But there is Someone waiting to claim her, waiting to make her His daughter.

Will Megan learn to love, though she doesn’t know what true love is? Can she find redemption or is her sin too big for God’s saving grace? And what about her true worth? Is she nothing – or will she discover that she is not just somebody’s daughter?

This Biblical study guide will help you, the reader, find familiarity within Megan’s story and discover a healing restoration through God’s word. You are Not Just Somebody’s Daughter, you will discover you are “a priceless gem in His crown…..His child.”

Not Just Somebody's Daughter: A Biblical Study on Restoration from the Damage of Sexual Abuse

This study guide will help its reader work through their own trauma of sexual abuse while they follow Megan's journey through the damage of sexual abuse as she discovers restoration within God.

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