In August of 2022, I was asked by a couple to preach to villages in Pakistan through zoom. Women in Pakistan are not able to attend church without their husbands with them so if they are widowed, unmarried, or their husbands do not believe in God, then they cannot go into the traditional church setting. There are many villages that would like to attend weekly because they are being fed spiritually and physically, as I provide a meal for them for the evening they attend. Within each village there are anywhere from 20-30 women who attend with their children which costs around $70 per village to feed each person dinner.

Every week, they faithfully come to hear the gospel and get fed. Since our start date of October 2022, we have been able to provide a new pair of shoes for each child in the villages and non-perishable pantry items for Christmas. At Easter we were able to purchase one outfit for each adult lady in the villages and non-perishable pantry items. We have provided learning to read materials, undergarments, and feminine hygiene products for one of the poorest villages within Pakistan. Our next step is to purchase iBibles for each adult lady that attends services within the villages since most of them cannot read fluently, each costs around $20 a piece.


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