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  1. Commitment (Not Resolution)

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    “Many are the plans in the mind of a man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will stand.”  Proverbs 19:21

    Every year, around this time, people make their New Year’s Resolution list.

    I used to do the same.  Eight years ago, instead of a resolution’s list, I created my bucket list because I really didn’t care when I got this list accomplished.  I wanted something to go back to so I could see what I thought I wanted to do and what I had been able to complete.

    This list below was written in December of 2014.

    1.  Learn a language, fluently. (Ideally Spanish but I would also love to be fluent in Sign Language.)

    2.  Visit Egypt, the Great Pyramids, and the Valley of the Kings.  (I think the Egyptian culture is fascinating and beautifully designed, plus Jesus lived there for a short while and that is where Moses came from, so it is part of my history.)

    3.  Become a published author.  (I would prefer to write one book per year.)

    4.  Earn my Master’s Degree.  (No one in my family has graduated higher than a Bachelor’s Degree.)

    5.  Be no larger than a size 10, preferably a size 4.  (This is probably my most difficult task because I love CARBS!)

    6.  Learn to surf.  (I am extremely uncoordinated so this may take a long time to accomplish.  Not to mention, I live in a desert so there’s that factor.)

    7.  Rock climb and repel down a mountain.  (I used to do this when I was a teenager but my fear of heights has increased with age, so it is back on my bucket list.)

    8.  Play on a volleyball team, as an adult.  (I used to do this as a young adult and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to add it back to my bucket list as a physical activity.)

    9.  Get my passport stamped more than once.  (I have never been over-seas and Mexico doesn’t count.)

    10.  Visit Ireland, Cambodia, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Bali, Canada, Australia, Italy, Pearl Harbor, the 13 Colonies area.  (I would love to see the Smithsonian’s, Cairo Museum, and the Louvre.)

    12.  Own a horse ranch.  (I would love to have one where trouble teens get to come out and learn basics skills while also learning life skills, communication, anger management skills, and coping skills.)

    14.  Pastor a church.  (Not sure whether the Lord will call me to head a church but I will go where He leads even if it is not what I expected.)

    15.  Scuba Dive.  (I want to also Deep Sea Dive to see the below sea level world including how the sea corrodes sunken objects.)

    16.  Dance with my lovebug in the rain, to our song.  (We have danced many times just not yet this version.)

    17.  Hike through a rain forest.  (Preferably not in the hottest time of the year.)

    18.  Memorize the names of the books of the Bible.  (I have had them memorized many times and can easily locate where they are in the Bible without having to search but just to rattle them off from start to finish, I get a little mixed up around the prophets and then back on track.)

    19.  Be debt free.  (This is a continuous process)

    20.  See my grandbabies being born.  (I can wait because my kids are planning on waiting until they get married and I am good with that!)

    My list has not really changed much from when I was a small girl.  I believe our hearts feel these passionate desires because God gives us the ability to dream big.

    Does He always make every dream come true, NO.  But He does have delight in seeing us dream.  Maybe if I find God’s purpose in the things on my bucket list, He will give me the ability to check some off.  None of them are outrageous requests but Who our request goes to is what makes the difference.

    Since writing the list, here’s what has happened…

    So far, I have gone to see the Louvre in Paris, visited castles in Germany, been on a Gondola in Italy, and my passport has been stamped more than once.  I have published one book, Not Just Somebody’s Daughter, but creating one per year is proving to be more difficult then I had anticipated. I haven’t given up, just working slower.

    The Master’s Degree came shortly after the list was written and I also received a certificate of completion from Seminary.  Score one for God, cuz I am sure lots of people in my past could have thought that would have been impossible.

    Will I ever see the Australian Outback, surf, or stand next to the Pyramid of Giza? Who knows?  Not me but I know Who does and I cannot wait to find out which I get to cross off for His purpose.

    I am debt free, I am getting closer to size 10, got to see my first grandbaby being born and helped in the process, and am a Head Pastor.  Pakistan was not the place I would have guessed that He would call me to pastor a church, but He did and I couldn’t be more excited.  This is probably the coolest experience I have ever had.  He called, I followed, and great things have occurred!

    No more resolution list, rather commitments!

    I have changed how I create the list for each year. Now, it is categorized into four different lists:

    Prayer/Plan for Ministry, Prayer/Plan for Church, Prayer/Plan for Personal, and Prayer/Plan for Family.

    Below is the shortened list, as each category has a long list so this is just one from each.

    Ministry: Spend two hours a week writing Bible Study

    Church: Complete 501c3

    Personal: Read portion of current reading book, daily

    Family: Theology dates with daughters

    This is all God directed.

    Whether you are a planner or not, if you are a Christian, you should be.  God is a planner, He knows the plans He has for you from start to finish.

    This year, ask Him what He would like to do with you and in you this year, then let Him know you are ready to do His will.  You will not be disappointed to commit to Him…instead of making resolutions.