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  1. He Knows…Me?

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    “Consider the birds—do you think they worry about their existence? They don’t plant or reap or store up food, yet your heavenly Father provides them each with food. Aren’t you much more valuable to your Father than they?” ~Matthew 6:26 TPT.

    We were created in the image of God.  He is our Father and we His children.  As a parent, when our kids are born, we provide for their needs.  We get so good at it that we can tell which cry means which need.  Babies do not yet have the vocabulary to tell their parents what their needs are, and yet parents somehow know.

    God knows.

    He knows because he made our needs.  Designers understand the parts that go together and details that improve the product.  They spend hours and hours mulling over the perfect end result.  Human designers are flawed, so they go through trail and error to create the finished product.  Hiring beta testers, they take suggestions from others to make adjustments for accuracy and efficiency.  But God doesn’t need to because He is not flawed.

    Our designer knows us because He had each of us in mind before we were even “knit together in our mother’s womb.”  He knows our beginning from our end because He is the creator of time.

    He doesn’t make mistakes and has no need for beta testers.  There is no change that needs to be made to make us better than He created us to be.  If we choose to follow His will, our needs will be met…because we will be right on track with the path laid out before us.

    His path fulfills our needs. 

    I have two grown daughters: one is not like me, at all, and the other is my spitting image.  Neither have a relationship with God, right now, and I am believing that will change.  If God can change me, then He can definitely change them and anyone else.

    One of my daughters, although she doesn’t know God’s plan for her life, she held true to waiting for the perfect timing of things.  She does not have impulse control issues and weighs the consequences of her actions.  She logically thinks about the pros and cons before making a decision.  I knew, before her, that she would marry her husband.  It took her a bit before she felt ready to take that step.

    She is the daughter who pointed out to me that I should talk about how God knows our needs, even when we don’t.  Joy filled her face when she spoke about being married to her perfect fit and being blessed with a beautiful daughter.  Her needs are met: bills paid, they both have a job, their own apartment, enjoy being married to each other, and are learning how to be parents together.  They are filling their own daughter’s needs.

    Oh how much greater her life will be once she grabs hold of the relationship God wants to have with her.

    My other daughter, my spitting image, went the other route.  She rebelled, just like I did.  Refusing to do as others say, arguing her point of view, impulsively makes decisions, and emotionally reacts.  I was once her.  My heart aches for her because I know the struggle she is dealing with.  I know the pressure she feels and yearning she has for someone to love her best.  So many people love her and her life-of-the-party attitude but she doesn’t let that sink in.

    This beautiful daughter of mine has been struggling.  Things are not going the way she wished they would.  Life is tough and discouraging.  The enemy has been at her and at her, pushing her down and creating major distance from who she is designed to be.  Each time I talk with her, I remind her that there is One who can change all of that, if she will let Him.

    Not believing it, yet, I get the eye rolling over the phone.  I can’t see it but I can feel it.  A smile always forms on my face because I know the devil is a liar and he is trying really hard to lie to her.  He is filling her ears and heart with nonsense.  It makes me smile.  The devil wouldn’t be working so hard if there wasn’t something powerful inside of her waiting to explode for God’s glory.

    She is my spitting image…and He knows her needs.

    God brought me out of Satan’s pit and He will do the same for her.  I cannot wait to see His plans for her.  Never, in all my life, did I believe I would turn into who I am today.  I was in the pit that she is in and I was an easy target for Satan.  Not understanding that he was working me over because there was something great inside of me, I allowed it to continue for an extremely long time.  Not anymore. She will learn soon enough, as well.

    So, I smile.  Each time I talk to her, I role my eyes at the devil and smile.  He will get a rude awakening when my baby girl grabs hold of the relationship God wants to have with her.  I know the world, as she knows it, will be flipped upside down when she receives the revelation of His divine creation of her.

    It happened to me.  Satan didn’t know what hit him when I became friends with Jesus.  Oh, it still looks like he is attacking, to anyone who doesn’t have the revelation but I just brush off my shoulder at him.  I can’t wait to see her do the same, believing and knowing greatness will knock him down.

    Currently, her needs are to continue to work while still having energy.  She has about another year of trade school left over and would love to have a place of her own someday.  Mentally, she is not wanting to be in a relationship yet but my prayer for her is the same I had for her sister: for God to meet her perfect need for a husband.

    He knows her, as he knows me.

    And His story with her is not over.

    I often share personal stories about my relationship with God. What is your relationship with Him like? How are you trusting Him to meet your needs? Do you know that He knows you?