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  1. Thanksgiving Traditions

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    This is not my normal blogpost, but I though you would all appreciate the suggestions.

    Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays (and I am sure most people would agree!) but why is it one of the favorites?  Traditions.  Our family’s favorite tradition is our annual tablecloth.  It started the year my husband and I had our first Thanksgiving with other people over.  I purchased a plain cream colored tablecloth and colored markers.

    Each year, every person that is at my house for Thanksgiving will use one of the fabric pens to write what they are thankful for on the tablecloth.  Lastly, they add their signature and year, so that when we look back we can see comments from past years.  This is so special for me because my daddy passed away over 10 years ago and one of my sisters just this year, but I still have those memories captured of them.

    Below are some other fun Thanksgiving memories that you can read through to see if any suit your family.

    Thanksgiving Tree or Turkey:

    Cut out handprints from colored construction paper.  Have each family member write what they are thankful for on one handprint, each.  For a turkey, you can use all kinds of colors for the handprints as the feathers, just create the turkey body and head out of brown construction paper.  Tape the handprints on the rear of the turkey.  When Thanksgiving is over, save all of the tail feather handprints in a scrapbook to look back on later.

    For the tree, it depends on how big you want it, but create a brown tree trunk and limbs out of construction paper.  Tape all leaf handprints onto the tree and transfer to scrapbook when Thanksgiving is over.

    An additional fun thing to do is to ask out of state family members to send you some handprints with their thankfulness, name, location, and date written on them.  Save those in the scrapbook as well.

    Thankful pictures:

    Each day for the month of November, post a picture of something you are thankful for.  No captions or descriptions, it will drive comments to your social media and your family will love to see them.

    Regular Thanksgiving Traditions:

    Watch football and the Thanksgiving Day Parade

    Take a nap, in your stretchy pants

    Break a wishbone with a family member

    Collect non-perishable food to deliver to a homeless shelter or battered women’s shelter

    Take your family to a local shelter to serve the community

    Play football as a family

    Turkey bowling – needs to be played on iced ground for the bird to slide


    Swap Thanksgiving leftover’s recipes.  Have each guest bring a leftovers recipe written out on recipe cards, enough copies for each guest to have one.  After dinner, exchange recipes, and then plan a date when you all can get together for a Friendsgiving where each person creates one of the leftover recipes to bring to the party.


    Take each member of the family down to a craft store and let them pick out items from the fall section.  Grab a foam block, hot glue gun, and glue sticks.  Allow each person to add their selected items to the foam block and hot glue any that needs reinforcement to the block.  Place out in center of table for guests to admire at Thanksgiving dinner.

    Gratitude in Writing:

    While people are mingling, have some pretty thank you cards with envelopes – pre stamped – laying out.  Ask your guests to write out thank you cards to anyone in their lives that have done something kind that deserves a thank you.  Have them address the envelope and mail them out for the guests.  Their receivers will feel very blessed to receive them.

    Shoppers Unite:

    When dinner is done, grab the newspaper ads and plan your excursion.  If you have big shoppers in your family, it can be very fun for them to plan their shopping outing together.  If the guests like to shop at the same places, work as a team to divide and conquer the shopping list.

    Christmas Movies:

    Start planning your Christmas movie night calendar.  Make a list of everyone’s favorite Christmas movies and schedule them on the calendar for nights most of the family is available.  Make Thanksgiving night the first movie night.

    Decorate, Decorate:

    Some people love to decorate for Christmas the moment Halloween is finished.  Our family save it as one of our family’s Thanksgiving traditions.  We set up Christmas the weekend of Thanksgiving and start playing Christmas songs throughout the house.

    No matter what traditions your family decides to choose, the most important part is that you do them as a family.  Every year is special and making memories together is what makes that happen, the years go by too fast to waste any moment.

    Happy Thanksgiving!