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“Wash me thoroughly from my iniquity, and cleanse me from my sin!”  Psalm 51:2

It is no secret that I have had my daddy’s temper.  I was short-fused and a tornado of rage when I was provoked.  Not something I am the least bit proud of, in fact it saddens me but it was one of my downfalls.

Year ago, I was working closely with my church to establish some things, I am very excited about.  I explained to one of the executive leaders about a program that I wanted to implement.  I received a call from the church and I thought, “yes this is it, this is the phone call I have been waiting for, Thank you Jesus.”  Boy was I wrong.

The executive secretary, a friend of mine, informed me that she needed to address a situation with me concerning one of my girls.  Apparently one of my daughters was helping herself to the church Kool-aid, Tea, Lemonade and Hot Chocolate.  She even took it upon herself to raid their refrigerator for food.  If that wasn’t bad enough, she made a huge mess of the kitchen and was told to clean it up.  When she finished, she looked right squarely at the elderly cleaning lady and said, “I just did your job for you.”

Needless to say I was mortified, crying and wanted to crawl under a rock or at least change churches.

I was so filled with anger that I was glad she was not home when I got the news.

I couldn’t think straight or figure out a punishment to assist in correcting her behavior.  After speaking with my husband, we decided since she thinks she is above cleaning, she will clean up after everyone that day…the entire house.  Plus, she was instructed to create apology cards to all the people at church who were involved in her inconsiderate act.

Around dinner time, I left with some gal pals to see Disciple, Kutlass, and Newsboys concert.  My friend reminded me that I can leave it all at the Cross, while I am worshiping my King.  The concert was amazing.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and left recharged and refreshed.  During the Newsboys performance, the lead singer started to give a speech.  He addressed leaving all our worries and issues there at the cross.

God knew what I needed for my anger.

I was so glad that I heard what I needed to hear.  When I got home, half of the chores were not done and the cards were, at best, minimal.  In any normal circumstance I would have been livid to come home to that but I left it to God and went to bed.  This morning I informed her that when she got home she would have a new list awaiting her arrival and she would redo the cards.

The thing that bothered me the most was that she has no remorse.  The only emotion I saw from her was the look of hatred when I tell her to get to work.  I left that at the cross too and God dealt with it.


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