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“Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” Philippians 2:4

Today, the Denver Broncos won against the New England Patriots; ensuring their entry into the 2014 Superbowl.  Now those of you who know me well, know that I really could care less about football and you were probably just sitting there thinking to yourself, as you read the opening sentence, “wow that is the most football information I have ever heard out of her mouth.”  You would be correct, can’t stand the idea of wasting time watching football on television; I do like the in person version though, especially if my husband is playing.  This post really isn’t about the game as much as it is about the events of the day.

My lovebug and I were invited over to our friend’s, the Sims, house to watch and cheer on their team; food available and kids welcome, always a bonus for us.  I brought a bunch of things with me to do while at their house, to keep me busy while my husband actually enjoyed watching the game.  Although I do not usually pay any attention to football ever, when it is on, I chose to today.  The game was really like any other, nothing real special about it but in watching the game I noticed other things that were impressive.

The Mile High Stadium (Sports Authority Field) was a sea of Orange, over 76 thousands seats filled with fans wanting to take part in the supporting of Broncos’ interests.  They danced and jumped around with joy-filled hearts when the Broncos won.  There wasn’t any jumping around over here at the Sims house, partially because not all in attendance were Broncos fans but all were here in support of the Sims’ interest.  We had a nice time in conversation with our friends.

The game, like all others, had commentators; a panel of men coming together for the purpose of explaining what was taking place with each pass, run, interception, defensive move, etc.  Their job is to support the interests of the fans watching from home.

This event got me thinking about something I questioned many times before, why do football fans refer to their team as their team: “we are gonna go all the way this year” or “your defenses are focusing on wide receivers and running backs too much.”  Why? And what would happen if “we” referred to God with a personal connection more.  Could we fill a stadium with people who support the interests of God, dancing around and cheering Him on?  Are there enough people willing to explain what just took place, the interception of God’s Holy Spirit into the life of someone wanting to make a bad choice, to support the spiritual interests of a person’s eternal future?

I may not be a Broncos fan but in an effort to look out for others interests I wear God’s colors, cheer Him on and explain to the best of my ability because I know where I will end up and would love for as many as possible to join me there.

Not Yet But Getting There! (notyetproverbs31)

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