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“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” ~ Psalm 19:1.

There is such beauty in our world because it was created by the Almighty Creator.  He took time to make sure everything was designed with order so that it could increase.  So often people become complacent to the things and/or people around them.  I have been guilty of just walking on by because I have a task to do or a deadline to keep.

Several years ago, my husband and I are on a weekend getaway with our pastors.  We asked them to come along because they are our mentors, friends, were celebrating their anniversary, and do so much for others that rest is needed and I am sure, appreciated.

The Bible speaks of resting in the Lord and on the seventh day He rested, for a reason. 

God wants to give us time to rejuvenate, every now and then, so we can be about His business with our whole heart.  It is in this rest that we are able to see things in a different way because our mind is relaxed.

I saw animals, mountains, waterfalls, the different colors houses are painted, craftsman detail in railroad tracks, and the smell of books 80 years old, just in one weekend.  It was not as if I hadn’t noticed these things before but in slowing down my life, even for a weekend, things smell fresher, look brighter, and sound clearer, more so than during my weekly work week.

All of creation has His distinct fingerprint on it and the Heavens proclaim it’s beauty so why don’t we?

Thank You Lord for the time You took in creating the world around us, with vast beauty, awaiting our declaration.


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