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“Whoever spares the rod hates his son, but he who loves him is diligent to discipline him.”  Proverbs 13:24

Years ago, while doing some vacation type activities with our friends, we experienced some discipline needs that needed to happen.  My friend and I each had a girl who would not behave.  They were not heading to our instructions and were deliberately disobeying.  It was evident that they needed some correction in the form of a rod (spanking).

Some parents just whoop their kids and move on but we took a different approach.  For instance my friend did an excellent job disciplining her daughter.  She informed her that her behavior was not acceptable and if she continued she would need to spank her.  Well, her daughter continued and without hesitation, as some parents do, my friend told her they needed to visit the bathroom.  While in the restroom, my friend asked her why she was going to get a spanking, to which her daughter replied “for not obeying.”  My friend explained why it was important to obey, why she needed to be corrected for not obeying mommy and even though she is being spanked mommy and daddy love her very much.  If they didn’t love her they would not correct her disrespectful behavior and let her grow up not honoring God.  She then told her she would receive one spanking but two if she fought mommy.  So, she only received one followed closely by a hug and kiss.  What an amazing example of how the Lord corrects our disobedience.

So would you spare the rod and let them grow up not honoring God, to spare or not to spare?


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