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“You can make many plans, but the Lord’s purpose will prevail.” ~ Proverbs 19:21 NLT.

We are to be faithful to God because He is faithful to us.  He has a purpose for our lives and His purpose will come about.  The word says that we are to follow His example and His example was Christ on earth.  Christ did as the Father spoke.

Over a week ago, I started a 21-day fast.  Fasting is not an easy task because it is intentional.  We are to fast and pray.  Fasting without praying is just a diet and that is not focused on God.  When God asks you to give something up, it is usually because He sees that it has more of a priority in your life then He does.  For me it has been mindless television/movies and carbohydrates.  I know that sounds silly but they have been major crutches for me.

It was getting the better of me.

My days are packed with work, speaking with mental health patients all day, and conducting normal administrative business.  I answer phone calls, schedule new clients, make corrections on charts, address patient concerns when they arise, address staff concerns when they arise, marketing management, and educate and supervise therapists.

Although I would do my devotional and prayer time first thing in the morning, the work stuff is so mentally draining that during my down time I would watch mindless shows.  I wasn’t watching garbage, just shows that didn’t need my undivided attention so I could decompress and quiet my brain.  It seemed an okay thing to do, nothing harmful.  However, during prayer, God showed me that, even though it is not bad, it doesn’t mean it is good for me.

I came to the realization that watching the shows was like eating salad.  It is okay for you but doesn’t really fill you up and isn’t very balanced.  The Lord showed me something that makes perfect sense and I am not sure why I didn’t think of it, He is my only perfect source for decompression.  Reading His word, praying, or watching a sermon online, replenishes me and helps me feel recharged to keep up the work that is mentally draining.

There is no substitute for the REAL thing.

I have been working my way out of carbohydrates.  There is nothing really wrong with them but they are not good for me.  The less I have, the better I feel.  Carbs make me feel heavy, upset stomach, tired, achy body, and I frequently have headaches.  They taste so good that I have put up with it for a long time.  In my quest to live healthier, through my eating habits, I have given up nearly everything that I love to eat.  It doesn’t love me back, so it has to go.

While in prayer, God told me that I haven’t yet given Him this one remaining thing I crave so much of.  It is very true because it is so good but I knew in my heart of hearts, it was wrong for me.  Carbs were filling a void for the nutrition I was not eating, it was not the real thing.

We need to fill ourselves with the only thing that can sustain us.

He was generous enough to tell me that He knew the carbs would be difficult for me so I could taper down.  Our systems get so used to garbage that just like kicking a habit of drugs or coming off of prescribed medication, we need to taper to adjust.  Sadly, carbs are loaded with sugar and sugar is as addictive as narcotics.  This is why you hear people talk about a sugar high or a sugar crash.  It has the exact same affect on our system that drugs and caffeine do.

For the first week of my fast, I was allowed only two carbs a day.  This week, only one carb a day.  Next week will be no carbs for the entire week.  As I type these words I know it is much easy said (typed) then done.  God is the way, when there seems to be no way.  He helps us get it done.  I am filled with faithfulness that He will see me through this.  He was faithful to me and continues to be so why would I see things any other way.

I have already seen change, in just a week’s time.

They may be small changes, thus far, but I have been reading more, getting my school work done, diving into sermons and lectures about ministry, and spending good quality time with women I minister to.  In having a more consistent schedule, I am able to fully enjoy my time off with my family and rest.

For my decrease in carbs, I have been less tired and more focused.  My clothes are fitting better and I have not had any headaches or upset stomach.  I look forward to seeing the rewards from my faithfulness, as I know they are going to come.

God is faithful in His desire to bless His children and we should expect anything less when we are faithful to Him.

What areas of your life does God want you to fast from?

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