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Proverbs 8

The entire chapter eight of Proverbs talks about how wisdom came before everything.  Now I have been told many times before that God knew all, before it even happened.  He knew how things would look, who would marry whom, how many kids each person would have, where you would live, how long you would live, everything!  That is what we are told from the moment we start learning about the Bible.  However, today is the day it hit me.  When I read chapter eight, it was describing how wisdom was around before the skies were made firm, before the mountains were shaped, before the depths were made deep…astonishing to think that wisdom was there before knowledge was.  That is because God is wisdom and He is the Creator and Perfecter of EVERYTHING, that is good.  If you do not believe me then give it a try read Proverbs 8 and just back it up with the book of Genesis.

Wisdom is knowledge coupled with action to create discernment.  As human beings we need to receive knowledge about a subject, learn the difference between right from wrong and have the courage to put it into action before we can ever have wisdom.  We have to go through all those steps but God just is Wisdom.  What an amazing revelation.  All the time we spend trying to come up with our own solutions and our own paths to follow when God already did it and all we need to do is seek His Wisdom.

I was talking to a friend today about some issues she was having with a personal relationship.  I told her a long time ago I was taught, “if there are problems with your life, you need to look at your relationship with the Lord.  How is your walk with Him?  If it’s bad you can guarantee problems.”

So what’s it gonna be?  Are you going to seek knowledge to obtain wisdom or are you just going to cut out the middle man and head straight towards Wisdom?

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