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“Bring all the tithes into the storehouse so there will be enough food in my Temple. If you do,” says the Lord of Heaven’s Armies, “I will open the windows of heaven for you. I will pour out a blessing so great you won’t have enough room to take it in! Try it! Put me to the test!” ~Malachi 3:10.

This is the only verse in the entire Bible where God dares us to test Him.  Throughout Scripture we are told, over and over, that God provides abundance and that we will be taken care of.  I am not a betting person but it seems to me this is a solid win.  It actually sounds like He is saying that you couldn’t possibly give as much as me, son or daughter.  Your needs will be met no matter how much you give.

For many years, my husband and I were the type of givers that gave for the special occasion stuff.  We were young, had young children, and just starting out in life.  Our bills added up to the point that we both had to work in order to survive.  It didn’t make any sense to put money in the church when we were worried about our bills getting paid each month.  We also happened to be attending a mega church at the time and I thought, they have enough money coming in from other people so they don’t need mine.  We are currently in need, the church wouldn’t support us so we are supporting ourselves and will help out one day.

The logic wasn’t there.

Tithing was not something that felt responsible in our circumstances.  Making just enough money to pay bills, living paycheck to paycheck did not leave any extra room.  We were fighting to survive, or so we thought.  The math did not add it no matter how we tried to make it work.  Unlike others we knew, we didn’t have the latest cell phones, fancy cars, cable, or spent money to eat out and still we had just enough for the necessities.

This was our life for several years.  Until we heard a sermon with this verse daring us to take on God.  My husband thought to himself that he would be willing to take the 30 day challenge that was presenting so that he can prove all the people telling us to tithe that they were wrong.  Definitely a bet he was on the wrong side of.

The thirty days turned into several months and several months turned into many years of consistent tithing.  There were still months that just didn’t make sense and we marveled at the wonder of bills being paid even after tithing first.  Somehow God made a way.  Faithfully we continued on the adventure of watching God work with what we had leftover after we tithed.

Greater things were yet to come. 

One miracle after another occurred.  Things that maybe others may have seen as insignificant or not even important, we saw as God working.

I was in a position to start college and finally get a degree but was concerned about my intelligence level and the cost of school.  He provided for me to attend and I graduated with a 3.96GPA.  I started my career at a residential treatment center, which was a good education, but after awhile I identified some things that were not right.  Praying about the finances I needed, the Lord told me it was time to relocate.

At first I was nervous, unsure of the outcome.  God just kept reminding me that I am a tither and I am in His hands.  I made the move and enjoyed the new location better then the one before.  A few years later a similar feeling of needing to move on came on me.  Praying, I asked Him what was next.  He told me that He has better things in store for me.

I continued to honor Him with my first fruits.

While at my new location, I was working alongside someone who I used to work for.  We began to discuss the possibility of doing something different.  Taking a leap into our own venture, believing that if God wanted us to do this He would provide a clear path.  I prayed about what the change would mean for my family.  This was new territory, would take a lot of courage and faith in God.

Filing paperwork and meeting with different people who had tried doing the same thing, we were off and running.  It was a big task, somewhat like a mountain we had to climb, but I believed that God would provide for me.  His Word says He provides for those who follow His commands, tithes, and believes in Him.  I did and do.  So, I knew without doubt that this change would be a testament to God’s glorious abilities.

Our business partnership just celebrated its year anniversary and we are growing strong.  We have sought after Him for all of our decisions and have loved our staff in a way that honors God, showing His hand in our success.

Tithing is just a small step of obedience that reaps great rewards.

I will continue to give God all that I have, 10% is just a fraction of what He already owns.  It is all His anyways, we are just managers, all He has asked is for a small portion back and see what He can do for your other 90%.

Taking on his challenge has given me the opportunity to give and give some more.  Aside from tithing, we have been able to give offerings to others in need, other ministers serving God through the talents He gave them, and helping support different ministries within our own church.

Yes churches have other tithers that can provide for the church bills and activities but that is not the point.  The point is that God commands us to give into His storehouses and even goes further to dare us and see what He can do.  Our job is to be obedient to what He has asked of us.

Be watchful at what’s to come from that obedience, you won’t be disappointed.  I double dog dare you!

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